Graham Hoggarth (1882-1964) pursued a career in teaching but was an artist of repute who from childhood was perpetually drawing. While at Keble College Oxford he had published several series of postcards depicting Varsity life. This humorous postcard entitled The Fresher, I feel, depicts himself and his proud mother.
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Henry Hoggarth (1820-1877) became a notable land surveyor and agent well known in Kendal. He married Harriet Graham of Carlisle. They had twelve children. His two eldest sons followed in his footsteps, George Lawrence an architect and surveyor, Arthur a land agent and surveyor. His third son, also named Henry, became a Director of Gawith Hoggarth, tobacco and snuff manufacturers. Henry junior like his father was elected to the Borough Council and served as Mayor of Kendal in 1920.

On a Thursday morning in late March 1877, Arthur Hoggarth entered the Lowther Street Office to discover his father Henry hanging from the staircase bannisters. He had been dead for around twenty minutes. If this were not a big enough shock for him, he was called to give a witness account at the inquest held at the Town Hall the afternoon of the same day! It seems that Henry had been depressed for some time, suffering headaches and sleeplessness. He was so concerned about his work he had ignored advice to take a holiday.