William Farrer (1822-1906), the younger brother of Mary Farrer, the wife of Henry Hoggarth (1806-1875). Mary died in 1849 at the age of 35. William Farrer in his later years farmed at Grange Marsh Farm.
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Maternal Family Trees

The Ellwood, Farrer, and Holme trees in particular show links to many other well-known Westmorland Families. Henry Hoggarth (1806-1875) had the unusual circumstance of having John Ellwood (1796-1880) as his brother-in-law and uncle-in-law! John Ellwood had the misfortune of having two children named after him die in childhood - John Ellwood Hoggarth (1841-1845) and John Ellwood Barnes (1849-1856).

As reported in the Westmorland Gazette 26th April 1856

Death “On Saturday last, after a very short illness, believed to be croop, aged 6 years, John, son of Mr Anthony Barnes, jun., farmer, of Garnett House. On Friday he was at Miss Smallwood’s school, and in good health, he went with his little sister home to Garnett House, and then returned to stay with his grandfather, Mr John Ellwood, Hollin Hall. His grandmother [Agnes Ellwood nee Hoggarth] having made supper asked him to take his but the child said he did not want any, and laid himself down on the hearth. They then discovered he was ill and put him to bed. He soon became insensible and grew worse and worse until two o’ clock on Saturday afternoon, when he died."