Hollin Root, Selside - farmed by the Hogarth family who were Catholics and associated with Dodding Green. Two of the family, William and Robert were Catholic Priests.
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Trees relating to Westmorland Hoggarth branches and surrounding areas for which I have (as yet) found no links to my own family tree. They are arbitrarily labelled by a place name with which each is associated at some point in their generational history.

Robert Hogarth (1785-1868) and William Hogarth (1766-1866), were from a devout Catholic family. They were the younger sons of William Hogarth and Margaret Copeland of Hollin Hall and Dodding Green, and began their training as priests at Crook Hall, Durham in 1795. Crook Hall was replaced by Ushaw College in 1807 where they were ordained as priests. (Ushaw ceased training priests as recently as 2011.) William was eventually to become first Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle. Robert over the years served in Yorkshire, 39 of them at Burton Constable. He returned to Westmorland in 1861 to be priest at Dodding Green, the place of his birth and where he died in 1868.