Thomas Farrer Hoggarth (1835-1914). He was the eldest son of Henry Hoggarth and Mary Farrer and born in Kendal. After farm and general labouring in Westmorland, he followed his two brothers, William and George, to work in the iron mines of Furness. He is buried in Dalton Cemetery (unmarked grave).
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The headings in the lists below represent my 6x, 5x, 4x, and 3x Great Grandfathers. Henry Hoggarth (1806-1875) had the distinction of being one of the first Kendal Policemen in 1835, the year of his marriage to Mary Farrer. He resigned in his second year and resumed a life of labouring. Mary died of a fever in 1849 at the age of 35. Henry married again a few years later in Rydal and died at Ambleside in 1875.

As reported in the Kendal Mercury 9th April 1836

Jas. Jenkinson, Kirkland, carpenter, appeared to answer a charge of assault preferred against him by Henry Hogarth, a watchman. On the night preceding between 11 and 12, Hogarth had been on duty in Capper Lane, where he met the defendant, who was tipsy, and who interfered with the watchman, and dared him to take him to the lock-up. After defendant has flourished away furiously for some time, the watchman laid hold of him, when presently he was assailed by a great number of persons whom the noise had attracted to the spot, some of whom seemed to have been in company with the defendant. The watchman was soon knocked down, and very roughly handled – “every one,” he said, “that could get at him had a knock or a kick” – his shoulder was dislocated, and otherwise he was seriously injured and abused.