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High Bentham - Wenning Mills

There was once a complex of mill buildings by the Wenning. The photograph on the left shows a remnant. I don't recall them as textile production in High Bentham had ceased by the nineteen fifties - apart from Angus which is located near to the railway station (photographs below).


Photograph taken in February 2002

Station Road still retains its sylvan appearance that the enthusiastic tree planter T.H. Johnson of Grove Hill championed nearly two centuries ago.


Photographs taken in July 2005

The building in the foreground according to David Johnson in 'A Century of Bentham' was once Sisson's Victoria Hotel, then the Vicarage, then the Wenning Hotel before it was purchased by George Angus & Co in 1952. The building in the background dates from before 1952, and judging by the style, no earlier than the thirties.The Company is now part of the Kidde Group.